Book Quote and Psychoanalysis


“It could have been us, lulled into believing we were about to escape. The blood and bones of my people were floating beneath me. I felt mournful. Spooked. Sorry that I hadn’t been old or strong enough to save anyone. The dried up banks make it look like someone has sucked the liquid out with a giant syringe. I could see Luka to my left. My childhood love for the River Sava didn’t translate into adulthood. All my early memories were tarnished”(108).

Lulled- This word means to cause someone to go to sleep or to feel safe instead of feeling careful and alert. This is linked to Kenan because he is explaining how they could have been tricked to feel safe just like the refugees did. In the beginning of the sentence he is talking about standing on a bridge and him not being able to forget the refugees that has been lost. It seems like the refugees were being tricked to feeling safe when in reality they were being tricked to feeling that way.

Spooked- a frighten and unnerve feeling. When Kenan refers to the word spooked it gives his the unnerve feeling that beneath him the blood and bones of his own people were floating beneath him. This later gives him a feeling of sadness, regret, or grief that he could not do anything about the situation that had happened.

Syringe- Is an instrument or device that takes up fluids into them from something such as the body. In this case Kenan is using syringe to describe the river he use to love as a child. He does not see the river how he saw it as a child. It is so dry and destroyed that he describes it as a syringe sucking in all the water.

Tarnished- This word means to destroy good quality to something that was once good and now has a bad reputation. The river he once loved as a kid does not have water floating through the river and now is dull looking.

This quote mostly has psychoanalysis because there is a difference from back then in his childhood till now.


Shooting an Elephant


In the story “Shooting an Elephant” by George Orwell it shows nonpolitical, beyond political, and political issues. Nonpolitical issues are shown when Orwell feels embarrassment when he does not shoot the elephant. It is a nonpolitical issue because it is about one’s own feeling and in this case is shows how Orwell felt. Orwell did not want to shoot an innocent elephant because he knew deep down inside that it was wrong to shoot it but at the same time he felt pressured. Orwell felt pressured because the groups of colonized people were around him carefully watching him. With this being said Orwell did not want to look like a fool in front of the big crowd. That was the only reason why Orwell was lead to kill the innocent elephant.It was to please the eyes and desires of the people around him watching. Also, there is a political issue in this story. Orwell demonstrated self-worth and being true to himself. He did not want to be laughed and wanted to have respect from the people. Orwell did not show any of his beliefs and did not stand up for what he believed. He did a cruel act and cared more about getting respect. Reading the story gave Orwell the impression of not being confident with himself in doing the right thing. The thousands of Burma people were looking at him expecting him to shoot the elephant, and that is what Orwell did. Towards the end of the story Orwell gives out questions such as the choice to meet the expectations of others or to meet the expectations of the conscience. Animals should be treated more fairly. There is so many of them who are being slaughtered every day around the world especially for food and clothes. Animals have feelings just like we do and they need the right to be protected from such evil acts.

I Stand Here Ironing


In the narrative I Stand Here Ironing, by Tillie Olsen emphasizes the social political views towards social conditions. Mother (Tillie) has a hard time trying to manage time with her kids, work and providing for the family. Some of the sacrifices she made were positive and negative which give Emily a very rough life. It affected Emily physically, emotionally, and mentally as a child. Both Tillie and Emily were bright but at the same time both had issues of their own. They both felt and acted the same way even when they felt that they did not. “I was a younger mother, I was a distracted mother”(98). This quote stated by Tillie Olsen shows the reader that it was a social condition because of the fact that she was a mother at a young age. Tillie was a good mom by finding a job at night to be with Emily in the mornings. Everything was going okay until Emily has to go to a Convalescent home. According to others, she was not giving Emily the care she needed. “You should smile at Emily more when you look at her” (94).  Emily being at the Convalescent home did no good for her and she just became very “foreign looking”(95). Being there just made her worse by getting skinny. “They had runny eggs for breakfast or mush with lumps, Emily said later, I’d hold it in my mouth and not swallow. Nothing ever tasted good, just when they had chicken” (95). Finally after eight months of being in the convalescent home Emily was released. She became quite bitter by not reacting to the affection or attention that her mother would give her. This affected her by teachers saying she was a “slow learner”(96). With this being said Emily was socially not satisfied with the way she looked by being self conscious and wanting to look like other people. All of this comes to the conclusion of love and anger towards the mother.

About Me


My name is Amanda and I am eighteen years old. I am taking this class because I want to learn how to become a better writer. It takes me a lot of time to figure out how I want to write my essays and structure them. I am not the best writer but I really try the best I can even when I struggle. I am a very visual learner but it takes me time to learn something. I am one of those people that need to practice and really take my time when learning something new. My goals is to pass this class with an A and to become a much more better writer. I also strive to get my associates degree in Fashion Merchandising and then transfer to Cal State Long Beach to get my bachelors degree in Fashion Design and Merchandising. My dream is to become a celebrity makeup artist. This has always been my number one goal because ever since I was little I just loved makeup. I have had experience doing makeup for weddings, engagements, and any special occasion for three years now. I just love the feeling that whenever I am done doing makeup on a person they get very happy and smile. The one person who really inspired me was Tamana Roshan which is a very talented makeup artist for celebrities. She told me that she went to school to get her bachelors in fashion and from there she became a stylist. Being a stylist opened many doors for her and urged me to focus on my education and not just go to school for makeup. Her advice helped me a lot because it is very competitive in that field and one thing she told me is they will always chose the degree over the girl who just went to school for makeup. I am also a henna artist and have done henna for a lot of weddings and parties. I am a very artistic person and any type of art is my therapy. Aside from fashion and makeup my religion plays a big role in my life. Whenever I am stuck in making life choices or feeling frustrated  I turn to God and the Quran to help me. I am Muslim and many people have a negative view on Islam but I always try to prove them wrong by acting polite and showing them what Islam really is and not what extremist and media portrays it as. I also love to hike especially at Peters Canyon. I have two pets a cat and dog which literally are both my babies and I cannot go a day without them. My parents, sisters, and boyfriend are very important to me because all of them support me in what I want to do and are always there for me whenever I need them. Never have they once stopped me from doing what I want or have ever put me down. They always push me to do better even when I feel I can not. I also love trying new foods! I have had Indian, Pakistani, Yemeni, Persian, Korean, Japanese, Thai, Cambodian, Vietnamese, Italian, and Afghan food. From all those foods I really love Japanese, Persian,Indian, Italian, and Afghan food. I love being a well rounded person and getting to know other peoples cultures because I feel it is good to be an open minded person and to be educated. With this being said I do want to travel one day and my boyfriend said once we are at the age to marry he wants to fund money for the children in Afghanistan because when his dad recently went for a visit there was so much poverty, danger, and the ones who are suffering are the children. I am very thankful for what God has blessed me with and I really look forward to accomplishing my life goals.

Research Persuasive Essay Notes


Compare and Contrast Malala and Marjanes childhood. How were their lives as they grew up? What impact did both of these girls make later on in their lives?

  • Both Malala and Marjane were very mature at a very young age and very curious about the outside world.
  • Both of the girls had families that cared for them and supported them in their decisions.
  • Malala had her father to look up to
  • Marjane had her grandmother and uncle to look up to
  • Both girls left their country. Malala to UK and Marjane to Paris
  • Both girls come from the same religion
  • Marjane and Malala are both very outspoken


  • Malala is from Pakistan
  • Marjane is from Iran
  • Malala is Sunni
  • Marjane is Shia
  • Malala comes from a poor family
  • Marjane comes from a wealthy family
  • Malala is more religious and studious
  • Marjane isn’t that religious and doesn’t care that much about school compared to Malala
  • Malala is still young when all these things in Pakistan are happening.
  • Marjane is also young but then grows older into an adult
  • Both leave counties for different reasons. Malala spoke for girls right and education and gets shot. Marjane leaves because to told her teacher off that the Shah is evil and her parents feared that if she speaks up more she will go to jail and then get raped and hung.
  • Iran is modern Pakistan isn’t
  • Marjane dressed different from Malala
  • Malala is proud to be a Pakistani while Marjane was ashamed of who she was
  • Malala’s family follows Islam. Marjanes family doesn’t because they drink while Malala’s family does not
  • Marjane lived in an area where girls were allowed to go to school.
  • Malala lived in a place where girls were not allowed to go to school.

How were they affected later in life? 

Although Malala got shot from the Taliban her campaign for women’s right and education even grew more and people all over the worls know about her campaign. The Taliban is still after her but she will not stop fighting.  She now lives in a city in the UK called Birmigham. Malala stayed positive and still is very positive after everything she had gone through.

Marjane’s life did affect her. She got depressed for a while and stopped going to school. She even got divorced later on in life. Even for a while she was thinking that Iran was a better off place to live in. But then she ended up moving to Paris.

Persepolis Film

  • Marjane is a very wise girl like Malala. Her and Malala seem like they both are very alert and wanting to know what is going on.
  • Malalas father and Marjane father are alike because they both want their daughters to be safe and get an education.
  • Marjane spoke up and corrected her teacher about the shah. She then got a call home which later resulted her to go to Vienna.
  • Marjane and Malala both live in countries where there is war and very strict rules.
  • I noticed that Pakistan doesn’t allow girls to go to school at all but in Iran they did not stop the girls from going to school.


  • Was it necessary to send her to Vienna at such a young age?
  • How were people getting DVD and music CD when it was banned from Iran?

Final Draft


My decision to go to college started when my mom told me about her college experience and the struggles which later paid off in her life, she has truly inspired me. My mom has always supported me in what I want to do since day one. Her actions have shown me that anything is possible as long as you put your mind to it. Her examples that she set for me want motivates me to make her proud and be like her. My mother was the first person in her family to complete her education and get a degree. Although I am not the first person in my family to graduate from college I still want to follow my mom’s footsteps. She went to school and got her degree and masters at Cal State Fullerton all on her own. When I feel I can’t do anything I remember that my mom had it much more tougher than me. She supported herself through out college because her parents thought college was not necessary. My grandma told her it was nonsense to go to college when she can just get married and have a husband to support her. My mom did not want to have that life and wanted to be independent. My mother has shown me that as a women it is good to be able to get a education and support myself without a man.She would work from 7 am to 5 pm and take night classes. My mom was a full time student and worked long hours. At the age of 17 she was supporting herself to go to college and had not failed one class. She went to Santa Ana College for 4 years and later transferred to Cal State Fullerton.While paying for her college tuition and working long hours her mom made her help with the bills. My mom would have to put in more money than her sisters that did not go to school.My grandma thought that since my mom was always “out” she had to put in more money. My mom thought it was unfair that she had to pay more money than her sisters who did not go to school. My grandma favored her other sister’s because they would stay home and do what she thinks a women should do. All the struggles my mom went through and still being able to accomplish her dreams inspires me to follow my mom’s footsteps.